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Dial-up Configuration for Windows 95/98

1. Double click on My Computer.

2. Double Click on Dial-Up Networking.

3. Double Click on Make New Connection.

4. The screen should look like this!!

5. Type in Intergate in the Type a name field.

6.Click Next and then type in the area code and the phone number given to you for your area.
Find your Local Area Dial up Number!

* Windows 95 users do not put the area code in the area code field put all the numbers together with telephone number.

7. Click Next > and then click Finish.


wpe4.jpg (20484 bytes)

Your Screen should look like this!!!

wpe5.jpg (23694 bytes)

8. Right Click on Intergate then click on Properties.

9. Click on The Configure.. Button

* Windows 95 users screen will have server types next to configure.

Your Screen should look like this

10. If you have a V.90 or 56k modem then change Maximum speed to 57600

11.Click on Connection tab and make sure the screen looks just like the next screen.(make sure cancel call if not connected is not checked)

12. Then Click O.K.

your screen should look similar to this !!!

13.Click on Server Types and make sure your screen is set up just like this.(make sure log on to the network is not checked).

14. Click on TCP/IP Settings..


15.Click on Server Assign Name Server Address

Click O.K.

wpeC.jpg (21620 bytes)

16.Double Click on Intergate Icon.

Your screen should look like this

17. If you need to dial 10 digits for local calls click on Dial-Up Properties...

*Windows 95 users will not have this Area Code Rules.

19. Click on Area Code Rules....

20. Click on Always dial the area code(10-digit dialing) note. uncheck it if you do not need 10 digit dialing.

Click O.K.

wpe10.jpg (18652 bytes)

Click O.K. again

21. Type in the User name and Password that was given to you by our representitves.