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Greyhound Helper is a handicapping program that uses data from the Daily Racing Form to formulate the entries with the best chance of winning a Dog Race.

It runs under any computer capable of running Windows 98SE through Windows 7.

Data entry and Command Button actiavtion can be accomplished using Voice Commands. Version 2.2 is compatible with Microsofts's Speech Software in Vista and Windows 7.

Version 2.2 handles both Standard and Composite Speed Rating (CSR) Grading (recently incorporated at Phoenix).

Speed and Distance are calculated usings Feet Per Second (FPS). Calculating FPS is not difficult but applying it to Distance differences is extremely complicated. Our Greyhound proprietary FPS engine is the same one used in TBred-DDCH and Harness-DDCH -- it has proven highly effective and been improved over the last 6 years.

Distance differences are automatically computed. If a dogs past races were at 550 Yards and todays race is at a greater or lesser Distance, the Distance offset is computed internally. The user need not be concerned with the offset.

Distance input can be in either Yards or Metres. A Distance Calculator has been included to convert fractional mile distances to Yards/Metres (i.e. 5/16, 3/8).

The handicapping engine has been enhanced to conform to our simulator results (using 825 races from 2008-2009) - increasing the already high accuracy by 9%.

The Data Input interface makes it easy to input data. A typical race of 8 dogs can be input in under 5 minutes.

G.H. features an Internal Wizard. This points out aspects of a dog's performance in the race you are using to handicap him, that you may have missed.

G. H. gives you a tremendous advantage -- it shows you the user just what to expect in an upcoming dog race.

Listed below are SOME of the aspects covered by Greyhound Helper:

  • Speed
  • Post Position
  • Grade (Standard and CSR)
  • Distance
  • Weight
  • Dog Win Percentage
  • Dog In-The-Money Percentage

  • All Race Calls
  • New to the track
  • Class
  • Effort
  • Days since last race
  • Schooling races
  • Wagering

The next three paragraphs are from the G. H. documentation:

Some fans pick a dog because they like the name. Greyhound Racing has "no place for sentimentality". Look around you at the track, see John Q. Public, he plays his favorite number or a dog with his nephew's name in it. HE IS A LOSER OVER 90% OF THE TIME! This is not a LOTTERY, it's a DOG RACE!

If you are just going to the dog track for entertainment then don't bother using Greyhound Helper. If you are serious about winning, pay attention to the factors and race scenarios that G. H. points out to you.

Chances are almost CERTAIN that you will NEVER have a play in EVERY race "IF" you follow G. H.'s advice. There is a reason that some bets are called "sucker bets." Don't be a lillipop.


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Greyhound Helper 2.1


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Greyhound Helper 2.1


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  • FPS - uses Feet Per Second in the handicapping engine (not lengths).
  • Voice Recognition Capable - compatible with Windows Vista and 7 Speech Software.
  • Streamlined Interface - quickest input in any manual handicapping program.
  • Distance Calculator - converts to and from fractional distances.
  • Scratch Sheet - Printable sheet to mark down input data while not at the computer.
  • Fair Odds Calculator - shows the TAKE (Track) and the FAIR odds.
  • Printer Output - allows printing the races after handicapping.

Customer Comments:

"I am an owner/trainer. I don't use Greyhound Helper for betting. I use it as a tool to tell me where I want my dogs. It has proven quite valuable."

"I still can't believe this. I keep waiting for it to end but your program just keeps on picking winners."

"My husband was always bragging to our friends how he picks 4 winners to my one. Since I started using Greyhound Helper he has shut his yap. Thank you so much!"

"I am retired and love the dogs but I could only afford to go once in awhile. That has all changed now that I win. Thank you from a grateful retiree."

"I must say that I find the win percentage and the actual payoffs that are picked is really amazing. You have a great program here, and I'm glad I found it. I'm almost hoping that too many people don't catch on :)"

"Amazing program. I have had more winners in the 4 months I have used Greyhound Helper than in the last 26 years, combined!"

"Grey Hound Helper has put me in the money after years of losing. The warnings regarding the weight of the dogs is gold!"

"I rarely use email but I had to tell you how great your program works for me. I have told everyone I know about it!"

"I've been playing dogs for about 50 years and this is amazing the way it picks winners."

System Requirements:

  • Any computer capable of running Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
  • At least 256MB of system memory
  • A minimum of 1024 x 768 resolution
  • At least 10MB of free drive space
  • A CD-ROM drive
  • A pointing device (mouse)

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